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One of Mind Mix Radio's favorite bards producing music in Filk, Celtic, and Arthurian styles is HEATHER DALE! This page provides a gateway to reach her music.

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FROM Heather Dale - heather@heatherdale.com mar, 23 at 20:55

Heather: The Pretty One

Heather: The Pretty OneHi - I'm guessing that if you've joined my newsletter, you're probably a big fan of history, myth and legends, just like I am. In fact, there's a good chance you know me as "the Arthurian singer"… that's not all I sing about, but (guilty as charged) I've written a lot of songs about the Arthurian legend. Later I'll dig a little deeper into my Arthurian interests and obsessions, but for now I just wanted to ask you what got you into Arthurian legends. Was it a book? A movie? Or (dare I be so bold) a song? ;)

Sometimes people who are new to my music ask me to recommend ONE album to start with. Since you're new to the newsletter, I'm going to guess that you might be in the same situation. And since we're talking about the Arthurian legends, I'm going to recommend my album "Avalon" - the entire story of Camelot, from its founding to its downfall, on one album. It includes two versions of "Mordred's Lullaby" for your delectation.

You can buy the MP3 version on the Heather Dale Store at http://heatherdale.com/shop/avalon-full-album-download/ - or if you prefer a CD to hold in your hands http://heatherdale.com/shop/avalon-physical-cd/ - you can even ask to have it autographed! (I can't autograph MP3s, unfortunately ;) ) And remember that every cent we get from sales on the Heather Dale Store goes into making more new music for you - well, and boxes of Kraft Dinner, of course. Cheers, Heather.

PS: In case you're wondering, yes, it is better to buy directly from HeatherDale.com! There are lots of places to find my music online, including CDBaby, Amazon and iTunes, but all of those places take their "cut". When you buy directly from HeatherDale.com, nobody takes any money from the order aside from PayPal processing fees. Also, if you ever have a problem with your order, you can just email ben@heatherdale.com and he'll sort it out! (Sometimes my address gets a little backlogged, so for urgent things it's better to email Ben).

Find her at:  Amphis Music, 303-5 Mariner Terrace, Toronto ON M5V 3V6


Chatting more with Heather (oh, and Ben)

FROM:  Ben Deschampsben@heatherdale.com
mar, 28 at 20:55
Ben, purveyor of MischiefIf we've ever met in person, you'll know that Heather is "the social one" and I'm… well, I suppose "reserved" would be a good word for it. I like people, but in small doses. (I actually used to live in a cabin in the woods. It was awesome!) But Heather is much better with groups of people… if you've ever seen her do her party trick where she remembers the names of *every single person in the audience*, you'll know what I mean. She generally has a lot of fun chatting with folks, both in person and over social media.
So I'm going to assume that, like most people, you're probably more sociable than I am :) And as a result, you're probably out there on social media (if they had anti-social media, I might be there... ) So why don't you stop by and say hi? Visit Heather:
And if you're feeling particularly brave, you can drop me a line:
Thanks, and have a great day!
PS: We've got another series of emails coming your way, where Heather talks more about each of her albums, how she writes her songs, her other artistic endeavours… all sorts of good stuff like that! 

Amphis Music, 303-5 Mariner Terrace, Toronto ON M5V 3V6

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