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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Power Interruption Brings Rotation of IP address

Producer. Going rounds with IP rotation for Icecast stream. There's better solution in the works but so far it takes time to do a manual adjustment for the listener end. I've implemented a html5 player for each of the IPs that tend to be part of the rotation. One will work for the listener once the Icecast config has been updated. Look closely at the "play" arrow on the player. I'm currently learn more about a process involving "no-IP" as a solution. Updates pending.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

MANTICORE GROUP'S Quintus Dias scheduled on air TOMORROW SUNDAY 4-8-2018

When: APRIL 15, 2018 Sunday from 11am to 1pm EASTERN. That's a 2 hour difference if you're in Montana (9am to 11am) 

AUDIO INTERVIEW of Twitter's @RenovaAlejandro (Quintus Dias of Manticore Group) TOMORROW (Sunday from 11am to 1pm EASTERN)

On Susan Lindauers COVERT REPORT (NYC): 
Truth Frequency Radio 

- Topic the National Guard on border, the corruption.

Don't miss it!

TOPIC: President Trump's decision to put National Guard on the border in reaction to the Honduran/Salvadoran Caravan of Illegals treking through Mexico. POSSE COMITATUS. Also Montana & Oregon's Dem Governors refusal to send their own National Guards (tho Trump only asked border states to contribute). Knowledgeable abt military roles & responsibilities.

GUEST QUALIFICATONS: Former criminal investigator; Trump Supporter; very knowledgeable on Posse Comitatus, and has been closely following the NatGuard. deployments. He's versed in both the Q-Anon activity, the Border Patrol practices, the militias involvement, and the corruption paradigm. He has multiple university degrees. Was an LEO in Washington State & is familiar with the satanic/pedo/drug funding facets and has worked with the military. He's well versed in the Harney Co affair, the land grabbing, and the illegal hispanic LaRaza/LaFamilia/Reconquista & MS13 as assassin squads. He's well rounded.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Adding Bitchute to Mind Mix Radio

Producer.  Hi All, I'm working hard to get ready to put our evening shows into video for all those who want to catch use via an archive. 

The previous archive has limitations and I'm once again trying out alternative options.  Many in the liberty community are already making good use of Bitchute and its popularity with viewers is skyrocketing upwards from where I first reviewed it a year ago.  I've been keen to find a good alternative to the Youtube neurosis and it looks like Bitchute is it.  I like their courteous ability to self classify content from a default of age 13+, to NSFW (not safe for work), etc. 

Their interface seems easy to use.  The upload times might take awhile and I might have to split files to make episodes smaller.  But overall I do like it and eventually it will not just be audio but actual video.

Mind Mix Radio @ Bitchute:  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/bbCO7iM4lfr6/

I will post a notice once content is uploaded.