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Friday, February 23, 2018

Station Update February 23 2018 - NEW STREAM URL

Eats Cretins For Lunch.

Goodbye L2R.

The station's relationship with Listen2MyRadio has finally come to an end.

Had enough of the random off air and manual restart.  Had enough of the too touchy administrative controls - pass a mouse over the wrong function accidentally and the system jumps to a new server with new everything.  It served its purpose well enough when Awdio went belly up.

I came into the studio day before yesterday to discover that not only was it down but that the whole thing had been reset to zero thereby nixing the previous url permanently.  OK FINE.  Went directly to Icecast and downloaded their direct console and were now back up and running.

We have a new stream url:

You may use the stream direct or remove the '/stream' part of the url address and go to the server itself where you click on the right-hand M3U button to start the stream in your favorite music player on your desktop.  This method works best with VLC Media Player installed which is designed to play streams.  The link to VLC's Media Player is on the main page at http://mindmixradio.com  Look for the signature orange hazard cone.  Can't miss it.

This Listen Live + Chatroom page has now been fully updated.  The HTML5 player WORKS!  Look to your right just across from the Chat box.  That's the simple player.  Press the arrow.  Should start automatically.

Other alternatives all updated so far include the simple HTML5 player at Open Minds Forum:

The StreamFinder alternative was problematic the last few months with the previous stream.  I will attempt to update it next, if it doesn't test out I will drop it from the line up.  TBA.

The new stream is set at 64kbps.  There's only one stream at this time.


Cyrellys has been on a month long break from the evening show.  There's been a ton to do and the extra time has been needed.  Our apologies to all the listeners who stopped in to find no evening talk Tuesdays & Thursdays.  

The show will be back up in March.  See you all soon!

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